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Most frequent questions and answers about WinHomes Estate
  1. Rights are the benefits you get from a property as its owner (road access rights, development rights, basic amenities right etc.). Titles are a bit trickier. A title is a bundle of rights in a piece of land/property, such as exclusive possession and easy transfer of ownership. WinHomes has a certified, verifiable document and the highest title in land/landed property

“Governor’s Consent”.

THE IDEA is for Win Homes Estate to provide land in good location with a good/ transferable title, world class infrastructure/ amenities, provided a friendly payment structure and a platform for investors to design, develop, construct the buildings of their choice.

WinHomes Estate has a very flexible payment plan for up to 12months with minimum interest rate. We have a zero interest rate from 0-3months payments, 3-6 months at 5% interest rate and 6-12 months at 10% interest rate.

WinHomes Estate has different plot sizes starting from 300SQM, 500sqm. 600sqm and 750sqm but the standard/official  plot sizes of WinHomes Estate is 500sqm.

THE PROJECT DYNAMICS will include site and service plots measuring 500sqm in a well carved out layout design. Paved roads and walk ways, good drainage system and illuminated streets, 24/7 security and waste management facilities, commercial and recreation areas. All plots are sand filled and marked out in a perimeter survey. WIN HOMES ESTATE is a gated community

The location advantage is that it puts you in the neighborhood of The CoopLag shell cooperative estate, Mobil Housing Estate, Bueno vista Estates, Seplat and Addax Housing Estate, Atican Beach resort, proximity to the central Business District of Victoria Island, Lekki Phase 1 and Ikoyi.

The proposed infrastructure includes; Drainage, Paved road network, Street light, 3 (E-entry) smart and exist system, 24 hours light, Solar powered street light, Water treatment plant, Armed and uniformed security guard, Recreational facilities, Garden, Underground cabling, Electricity system, Schools, Mall, Neighborhood clinic, etc.

The soil percolation rate lets you know if the land can absorb water from septic system. The necessary test has been carried out in this regard by the soil scientist.

There are three main ways to access the estate. A frontage road is the popular road that provides access to the private estate called Orchid Road. And another two access entry is linked to Okun Ajah, which would create smart entry and exist system.

The survey plan has been properly done and the land is fully carved and shewed on the survey plan, with no further encroachment in future.

The underground drainage system would be provided to easy the flow of water and unwanted waste from the estate, without causing any flood in the estate or causing permanent damages and mold.

The adjoining estate is fully occupied with high profile people and well secured.

The Appraisal Institute defines highest and best use as follows: “The reasonably probable and legal use of vacant land or an improved property that is physically possible, appropriately supported, financially feasible, and that results in the highest value.” Considering the highest and best use of the property is a must before making a purchase because it can impact the value of the land based on different uses of the land.

WinHomes Estate title document is Governor’s Consent.

Other payments to be made includes :

  • Documentation fee of N500,000
  • Survey Fee of N1,000,000 per plot
  • Developmental fee would be charged per square meters
  • Architectural design/ Structural plan
  • Tax

The documents to be collected upon full payment are:

  • Purchase Receipt
  • Contract of Sale
  • Letter of plot allocation
  • Survey plan
  • Deed of assignment

The estate infrastructure timeline is in phases.

  • 3-6months is the first phase
  • 6-12months is the second phase
  • 12-18months is the 3rd phase

Development can commence within the first 12 months or as soon as infrastructure development gets to your allotted plots or upon request.

WIN HOMES ESTATE sets you on a path for an incredible 100% return on investment right from the moment you subscribe! short and long term investment opportunity.

WIN HOMES ESTATE sets you on a path for an incredible100% return on investment right from the moment you subscribe! short and long term investment opportunity.

GUARANTEES: WIN HOMES ESTATE offers the guarantee of a transferable title which can be used as collateral

For questions on the project dynamics please call and you can also visit us at 2B, ABIMBOLA OKUNLAJA CLOSE OFF OLADIMEJI

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